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Bell farm laundry has the ability of doing 1000lbs an hour of wash for your commercial laundry needs. Our other services are dry cleaning, specialty cleaning for furs sued rugs and even wedding dresses. We also do small loads from 1 load and up. We do horse blankets, saddle pads, rain sheets, etc. We offer waterproof wash, regular wash, enzyme wash, and waterproofing.


Our price list is: 1 load $10.00, 2 loads $20.00, 3 loads $30.00, after 1 load we do 1/2 loads $6.50, exp (1 1/2 loads $16.50) plus taxes HST 13%. We offer a pickup and delivery service for $1.75.  Example 3 loads picked up and delivered $35.87 Taxes included. Please give us a call we offer discounts on large orders. We are currently doing after hour clinic, doctors offices, cardiology clinics, Aestheticism, banquet halls, wedding planners linens, etc. call for references.


Doing your own commercial laundry we have for your needs: 14 single top loading Maytag washers, 6 large 40lb washers that hold 4 loads, and 14 30lb dryers. 6 folding tables, lots of carts to help move your laundry around, soap dispensing machine, a clean bathroom, and friendly attendants to help you with your laundry needs. Vending machine contains: tide soap, lever colour safe bleach, bounce fabric sheets, and snuggles fabric softener.

FREE WiFi while you wash!

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